5 Japanese Android mobile application developers arrested for embedding personal information-stealing malware in Android applications

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Japanese police arrested five Android mobile application developers for creating and embedding information stealing code in mobile applications that they distributed through the Android Market Place (Play Store). It is believed that more than 10 million “pieces of information” were stolen. The developers created a video-related application which included code to silently obtain and send…

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Georgia silently takes over Russian hacker’s computer – uses his webcam to secretly take video footage of him at work

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In a report titled “Cyber Espionage against Georgian Government”, the Georgian CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an attack on its systems to Russia’s security services. The report describes how Georgia’s CERT purposely infected one of their own machines with malware, a ZIP file named “Georgian-NATO agreement”. The hacker took the bait…

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Huffington Post and its tilted censorship policies – they apparently censor content critical of their advertisers

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It appears as if Huffington Post moderates their user comments to suit their advertisers, a bit shocking and not something you’d expect from a liberal publication like Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington herself stated that Huffington Post’s goal was to “go beyond the traditional liberal/left and conservative/right divide in American politics and news media” but this…

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