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Amidst America’s “fiscal cliff” focus, US Senators voted to renew FISA allowing continuation of warrantless wiretaps

// December 28th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

US Senators voted this morning to renew FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), a controversial act that allows warrantless wiretaps. The current authorization was set to expire on January 1, 2013. The re-authorization extends the bill through 2013 and for four more years beyond that. Three amendments were proposed and shot down yesterday allowing the bill […]

Landmark Spider-Man issue #700 arrives – Peter Parker killed off allowing foe to take roll of new “superior” Spider-Man

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // Comics News

As expected, Marvel Comics ended the long-running “Amazing Spider-Man” series with issue #700, marking the end of one of the most popular comic book series of all time. What was not expected however, was the death of Peter Parker and the transition of the Spider-Man persona to Spidey’s foe, Doc Octavius. Marvel maintains that the […]

Lycos to roll out a new proprietary search engine in 2013- offers end to “trial and error” searching

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // Internet

Former search engine giant Lycos, has revealed that they are rolling out a new, proprietary search engine in 2013 in an attempt to regain its status as a (the) leading search engine. The current Lycos search engine is powered by Yahoo but the new version will signal a return to its roots. Lycos CEO Rob […]

China rolls out the world’s longest high-speed train line – 1,428 miles at 186 mph

// December 27th, 2012 // No Comments » // General Science News

China continues its expansion of high-speed rail lines with the introduction of the world’s longest high-speed train line. Spanning 1,428 miles from Beijing (the capital) to Guangzhou (a popular economic hub), the train tops out at 186 mph cutting the time required to travel between the two popular cities from 20 hours (the old train […]

Feel like a giant (and get creeped out at the same time) – some everyday things magnified

// December 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Science

Magnified 22 million times - household dust (cat fur, twisted synthetic and woollen fibres, a pollen grain, plant, serrated insect scales and insect remains)

Here’s a pictorial of some everyday things magnified. Bet you never imagined they would look like this!

Amazon’s US-East data center agony – takes Netflix offline for 18 hours on Christmas Eve

// December 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Internet

Amazon’s US-East Region 1 data center is a popular choice for their ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) service because it’s cheap and typically is the first data center to get new services when Amazon rolls them out. It also tends to be a headache for US-East customers who rely on its CDN delivery network. On Christmas […]

LG announces 100 inch “Laser TV” – throws image on wall from 22 inches

// December 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hardware

Just ahead of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LG has announced a television that could become the most talked about piece of gear at CES. The new “Hecto” Laser TV system is designed to project a 100 inch 1080p image onto a screen from just 22 inches away. Unlike traditional projectors that require dark […]

Never before published pictures emerge – Einstein’s office on the day he died

// December 25th, 2012 // No Comments » // General Science News

Einstein's cluttered desk on the day that he died

Einstein died on April 18, 1955 of heart failure. A wily LIFE Magazine photographer, knowing the affair was going to be big news and access to Einstein’s family and funeral was going to be an intensely private affair, grabbed a case of scotch whiskey to use as bribes (he knew people would be reluctant to […]

Science answers the age-old question – “Should I give it up on the first date or wait?”

// December 24th, 2012 // No Comments » // General Science News

We all know that most guys have one thing on their minds during their first date with a girl and are not thinking with their head. Girls on the other hand, are a bit more thoughtful and wonder, “Should I give it up on the first date with this guy or wait?” Now science has […]

Hacker claims Verizon customer database hacked – 3 million records obtained (some dumped)

// December 23rd, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

A hacker going by the name @TibitXimer (Twitter handle) claims to have successfully executed a hack in which he rooted a Verizon server containing 3 million unencrypted customer records. The hacker provided Verizon with a snapshot of the data he had stolen, which contained names, addresses, mobile serial numbers, date each account was opened, and […]

New state of matter (and new type of magnetism) discovered by MIT researchers

// December 23rd, 2012 // No Comments » // General Science News

Since 1987, a third state of magnetism, one that could be highly relevant to high-temperature semiconductors, has been a theoretical prediction. Now researchers at MIT have demonstrated experimentally the existence of a fundamentally new kind of magnetic behavior (and a new form of matter), adding to the two previously known magnetic states (ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism). […]

Scientists find proof that our universe could indeed be nothing more than a simulation

// December 22nd, 2012 // No Comments » // General Science News

It has long been proposed that any civilization of sufficient size and intelligence would eventually create a simulated universe that mirrored itself. Now physicists may have found evidence that our universe is indeed nothing more than a simulation. Researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany have published a paper titled “Constraints on the Universe […]

Microsoft discontinues Expression Blend suite of products – rolls Blend into Visual Studio 2012

// December 22nd, 2012 // No Comments » // Programming

With professional developers using hardcore design tool such as Visual Studio and web page designers shifting to CMS solutions such as WordPress, the demand for Expression ha been ever-fading away. As such, Microsoft has announced that it is phasing out its Expression design tool suite. Expression Design and Expression Web are being dropped entirely while […]

Rumors abound that key Al-Qaeda websites have been knocked offline by prolonged DDoS attack

// December 22nd, 2012 // No Comments » // Uncategorized

According to WTOB station (and as yet unconfirmed by Geek Slop), United States intelligence sources confirmed that key al-Qaeda websites have been knocked offline by a DDoS cyberattack lasting for the past two weeks (the sites have been dark since early December). The DDoS attack comes just prior to the release of the propaganda movie […]

Google/Motorola rumored to be working on marquee smartphone known as “X Phone” [UPDATE]

// December 21st, 2012 // No Comments » // Mobile

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is about to take control of its own branded phones with a hush, hush project dubbed – the “X Phone” (yeah, it’s a jab at iPhone). Google product manager Lior Ron is believed to be heading up the X Phone project which is said will “rival anything coming […]

Walking Dead loses another Executive Producer but Season 4 is still a go

// December 21st, 2012 // No Comments » // Moves, TV, and Music News

AMC announced today that their hit series The Walking Dead is losing Glen Mazzara, the Executive Producer of the series. This is the second executive producer to bail out in the three seasons that the show has been running. On the positive side, the network also announced that the series would be renewed for a […]