Spider-Man surprise – Amazing Spider-Man ends with Issue #700

// September 21st, 2012 // Comics News


Spider-ManIn what turns out to be a huge shock for Spidey fans, Marvel is ending the Amazing Spider-man run with Issue #700. There is no official word from Marvel but the end of the Amazing Spider-Man comic could pave the way for a reboot with Marvel’s upcoming NOW! initiative. This would be a major reboot though because the Spider-Man title has only been renumbered from #1 once, back in the 1990s, and resumed its original numbering with 2003’s issue #500.

Spider-Man Issue #700 coverFans had an early heads up on the end of the saga. On his Twitter feed, “Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott sent out several tweets warning retailers that the upcoming “Spider-Man” #698 would be an integral part of what makes issue 700 (the “final” issue of “Amazing Spider-Man”) so important. In a series of tweets he said:

“Dear Comic Book Retailer, you’ve never seen me make a post like THIS before. I’m serious. 10/29/12 is the FOC for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698. You haven’t ordered enough. Trust me. All the hoopla you’re going to see for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700? This issue is going to be a BIG part of it. You do not want to order short on #698. Let the OTHER retailers scramble to get copies for their customers. Let THOSE guys be the ones clamoring for a second printing. Meanwhile, YOU can be the guy who stocked the right amount. Not pulling your leg. Not playing this card frivolously. This issue is going to be big. That is all. Back to your regular tweets. (You are SO gonna thank me for this heads up.)”

Issue #700 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic will be 104 pages, written by Dan Slott with art by Humberto Ramos. There will also be five varient covers for the comic – a 50th Anniversary varient, Wraparound cover, Olivier Coipel Cover, and a Joe Quesada cover.

In addition, Wolverine and the team-up title Captain America and… will also end their runs during the same month.

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