Anonymous hacker arrested in UK for attack on British Home Secretary website

// November 7th, 2012 // Hacking and Security


A 41-year-old man was arrested in the UK yesterday in a joint operation between Scotland Yard and local police officers in Wedgewood Road.  He was arrested for ‘assisting or encouraging crime” after an attack on the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, website. The identify of the man has not been named and he has already been bailed out of jail. Police stated that they believe the man is a member of Anonymous.  According to police:

“The activity this morning demonstrates the commitment of the PCeU and our colleagues to combat cyber criminality anywhere within the UK and take action against those responsible. Assisting and encouraging cyber crime is a serious matter and I would advise all persons to consider their actions and any possible future consequences prior to posting any material online.”

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