Are Droid Bionic users getting a $100 rebate?

// September 6th, 2012 // Mobile


Droid Bionic smartphoneA lot of Droid Bionic consumers are pretty upset with Motorola after the Bionic rollout debacle.  Customers waiting patiently for the Droid Bionic and Motorola fed the PR engine, drumming up excitement for the grand unveiling.  When the Droid Bionic hit the door, consumers (particularly geeks) jumped at the opportunity to grab the latest and greatest mobile device.  What did Motorola then do for these loyal patrons?  Doh!  They release the Droid RAZR, an improved version of the Bionic, only a few months later.  Forums lit up with Bionic users complaining about the sneaky end-around play and threatening to jump ship to Samsung.

But wait…  Yesterday we heard that Motorola discussed the Jelly Bean upgrade process and explained that some devices simply will not be capable of running Jelly Bean.  For those poor souls, Motorola will give them a $100 credit towards purchase of their next Motorola smartphone.  They didn’t specify which devices qualify for the credit but we have to assume the Droid Bionic is at the top of the list.  If this turns out to be the case, kudos to Motorola for being in touch with their  market, an unusual trait for today’s mega corporations, and turning the tide of defecting Motorola users.

On the other hand, today we hear that Motorola is also claiming that any devices released in 2011 or later will receive Jelly Bean.  What to believe?

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