Captured assassin found holding James Bond like weapons including poison pen and flashlight gun

// November 27th, 2012 // Futuristic Technology


Assassin pen fired a poison bullet

Assassin flashlight held three bulletsHe failed in his attempt to assassinate Park Sang-hak, an anti-North Korean activist, but after his capture, police found a cadre of James Bond like spy weapons on his person.  Spy-like weapons found included a Parker ballpoint pen that contained a poison needle that was “practically impossible to identify as a weapon”.  The victim would feel a slight pin-prick after which they would suffer paralysis and eventually suffocation.  Also found was a second pen that shoots a poison filled bullet which penetrates the victim’s skin and then releases its poisonous payload.  The third item found was an ingenious weapon nobody had seen before.  Disguised as a small flashlight, the device held three bullets which when tested, was found to fire accurately and with deadly force.

A man familiar with North Korean assassination devices told CNN:

“This flashlight is new. I’ve never seen this weapon. If you look at the front, there are three holes, there was a bullet in each hole and here is the trigger. This is currently loaded and dangerous, two bullets remain.”

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