China complains that cyberattacks on its systems are increasing and that they are coming from US

// October 15th, 2012 // Hacking and Security


Hacking security graphicChina’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Tactical Team officials told Forbes that about 7.8 million Chinese computers were affected in 27,900 IP attacks this year. They claimed that the majority of the attacks originated in the United States (24%) followed by Japan (17.2%) and South Korea (11.4%).  In a time when the US is loudly complaining about Chinese sponsored attacks against its businesses, this is indeed a strange claim.

“Online attacks against our country are coming from outside our borders and the situation is growing more serious.”

They explained that the attackers have infected networks with Trojan viruses and created botnets on their internal networks.  They also noted that the level of attacks has been steadily increasing.

Sources: Forbes
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