CW’s Green Arrow will feature a comic book tie-in to debut 10/10/12

// September 14th, 2012 // Comics News


Arrow CW television seriesWe saw it with Heroes and Smallville – a comic book tie-in with the popular TV series.  It looks like we’ll see the same with CW’s new Green Arrow TV series.  DC has announced a comic tie-in to be written by the series’ executive producers.  The comic book will be used to tell a lot of the TV series’ backstory.  The comic book incarnation will first appear as a serialized digital release followed by a print issue the following month.  Writer Marc Guggenheim told Comic Book Resources:

We loved the idea because (a) we love comics and (b) we sensed the opportunity to do something that struck us both as unprecedented. We come up with a lot of stories in the writers room, but only have 42 minutes each week to tell them. That leaves a lot of backstory left over that we like having the opportunity to tell.

The Arrow digital comic will launch October 10, 2012, the same day the television series debuts on CW.  The print edition will be released November 28, 2012.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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