CW Network working on new Wonder Woman TV show

// September 7th, 2012 // Moves, TV, and Music News


According to Vulture, Wonder WomanIt looks like Wonder Woman (or a slight variant of) could be returning to TV even after last year, NBC cancelled a Wonder Woman project before the pilot even aired.  Following the success of Smallville, which ran on CW and told the story of Superman before he became Superman, the CW network is looking to create a Wonder Woman storyline that follows her earlier Amazon days.  That’s right – no crown, no bracelets, no princess.  CW has been great to geeks (with their long-running Smallville and new Arrow show premiering on October 10, 2012) and we expect they’ll do quite well with this Wonder Woman spinoff too.

Right now the project is in the scripting stage but the writer is non other than Allan Heinberg who wrote Grays Anatomy, The O.C., Sex in the City, and Young Avengers (for Marvel comics).  The working title is “Amazon”.  Again, it is in the scripting stage and no pilot has been ordered yet.

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