DARPA’s LS3 AlphaDog robot receives upgrade – responds to voice commands [VIDEO]

// December 20th, 2012 // Robotics


The LS3 (“Legged Support System”) AlphaDog military robot, created by DARPA, is quickly closing in on its goal to become a mule for dismounted U.S. soldiers.  Designed to carry soldier’s military gear weighing 400 pounds or more, AlphaDog (aka “Big Dog”) can cover 20 miles in less than 24 hours.  Its latest upgrade was demonstrated by DARPA and showed AlphaDog responding to voice commands (e.g. “follow”, “stop”).  In addition, it can now navigate between GPS waypoints in zero light, respond to direction commands (e.g. head east for 5 miles), detect trees and other vegetation, and has a lowered noise level (it’s now at 70 decibels or about as loud as a vacuum cleaner).

Check the video of AlphaDog responding to a “soldier’s” commands, following the soldier through the field, and even falling, rolling over, and playing in the mud (check here for another video of Big Dog in action.)


DARPA’s LS3 AlphaDog robot
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