Disney robot developed that can catch and throw a ball [VIDEO]

// November 26th, 2012 // Robotics


The kings of animatronics have moved into the next realm. Robotics experts at Disney’s lab in Pittsburgh have created a humanoid robot that can play a game of catch with a human. The robot finds the thrown ball in mid air, tracks its, and then catches it before lobbing it back (gently) to the thrower.  The robot uses a Kinect to sense and track the trajectory of the ball and to track the the person it is playing catch with (if the person moves around, the robot turns to follow him).  If it misses, it runs through a range of animations including shrugging its shoulders, shaking its head in dismay, or looking behind itself to find the missed ball.

The video below demonstrates the remarkable robot in action.


Disney robot can throw and catch a ball
Sources: Disney
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