Reminder – for Hurricane Sandy victims, here are two relief organizations that allow for easy donations via text message

// October 30th, 2012 // News


American Red Cross logoAs our northeastern citizens dig themselves out from under the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, remember that there are several relief organizations that allow for quick donations through quick and easy (and free) text messages.  America Red Cross and the Salvation Army are two that come to mind.  You simply text the number and the charge will be added to your monthly cellphone bill.  Remember to record the details of the donations too – they are tax deductions you can utilize in your 2012 tax filing.

American Red Cross: The Red Cross is managing extensive relief for Sandy victims, from manning shelters to organizing blood drives. To make a quick $10 donation, text REDCROSS to 90999. You will immediately receive a confirmation text to which you respond YES to confirm your donation.  The donation will show up on your phone bill or be automatically deducted from your prepaid plan. If you want to cancel the donation, text STOP to 90999.

Salvation Army: Like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army is also providing food and shelter in Sandy’s wake. To pitch in $10, text STORM to 80888. They’ll ask you to confirm, so respond “Yes.”  As with American Red Cross, the donation will be added to your cellphone bill.

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