Four DC comic book titles get the axe to make room for new Superman and Justice League of America series

// October 16th, 2012 // Comics News


DC Comics Blue Beetle

More changes in DC’s New 52 lineup.  Prior to the new Superman, Threshold, and Justice League of America series rolling out, DC will be cease publication of Blue Beetle, Grifter, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and Legion Lost.  Their final issues (#17) will wrap up the arcs and ship in January 2013.

DC told Comic Book Resources:

“There’s always going to be some pressure on whether or not the new idea being pitched is maybe more exciting than another series we have that may have already told its story. That might mean it’s maybe time to put that title on the shelf for a while or have the characters migrate into some other title.”

Sources: CBR, DC
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