Girl has stomach removed after drinking cocktail with liquid nitrogen in it

// October 9th, 2012 // Medical News


Liquid nitrogen in a drinkLiquid nitrogen boils at -196C, a characteristic that makes it pretty cool for oh, flash freezing alcoholic beverages and making cocktails give off a cloud of smoky vapor. That’s what Oscar’s Wine Bar in the United Kingdom puts in their drinks to give them that “cool” look. Until yesterday when Gaby Scanion, a teenager who was drinking at the bar with her friends, had to be rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain. She was diagnosed with a perforated stomach after ingesting too much of the liquid nitrogen that was in her drink. Surgeons immediately removed her stomach in order to save her life (yes, a person can live without a stomach if they eat a special diet and take vitamins). Normally the liquid nitrogen boils off quickly leaving nothing but a harmless drink but if too much is used, or the person consumes the drink before it has time to boil off, they can apparently ingest enough to cause some serious problems.

Sources: The Guardian
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