Google Chrome browser update (v23) rolling out – battery saving feature and do-not-track included

// November 6th, 2012 // Internet


Google is rolling out a Chrome update, v23 (23.0.1271.64), that includes a video decoding enhancement designed to use less power on laptops.  The enhancement enables GPU-accelerated video decoding by shifting video graphic decoding from the main CPU to the GPU (graphics processing unit) which uses much less power than the CPU.

According to Google:

“In our tests, the battery lasted 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled. Now Chrome users on Windows will experience longer battery life so they don’t get cut off while watching their favorite YouTube video on repeat.”

V23 also includes a “do not track” option but of course, is dependent upon whether or not sites and services choose to honor the user’s request to not track.

You can also now click on the page/lock icon next to a website’s address in the omnibox to see a list of site permissions, such as geolocation identification, camera/microphone access, etc. and tweak them as you wish.

Google explained:

“You’ll also find it much easier to view and control any website’s permissions for capabilities such as geolocation, pop-ups, and camera/microphone access. This saves you from having to dig through settings pages to find these permissions. Now, simply click on the page/lock icon next to a website’s address in the omnibox to see a list of permissions and tweak them as you wish.”

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