Hackers release PlayStation 3 LV0 decryption keys which allow modification of PS3 firmware and bypass of security updates

// October 24th, 2012 // Hacking and Security


PlayStation 3 (PS3)The hacker group, The Three Tuskateers, have released the PlayStation 3 LV0 key on pastie. They claim they have had the key for a while but never released it. When word that a Chinese hacking group was about to release the key for a fee, The Three Tuskateers decided to release the key to the public for free with a sublime note for the Chinese group.

“Congratulations to the guy that leaked stuff, you, sir, are a l337 haxx0r. JK, you’re an asshole.”

The LV0 key is a critical component of PlayStation 3 security and serves to protect the game console’s firmware. With this key in the hands of hackers, firmware can now be modified by hackers to modify the console’s behavior. The key is hardwired into the PS2 CPU so it is unlikely Sony will be able to patch the hack.

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