iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users reporting excessive battery drain after upgrade to iOS 6

// October 1st, 2012 // Mobile


The forums are lit up with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S customers reporting excessive battery drain after the upgrade to iOS 6 but the problem does not seem to be occurring across the board.

One user reported:

“100 percent at 8am this morning when I took it off the charger. 0 percent within four hours. No calls. No GPS, no Internet use, but battery was dropping one percent every few minutes. I turned off location services, no change.”

Another user reported:

“Thinking of switching back to 5.1.1 now!! 9am to 10:30am the battery drain is 100 percent to 52 percent!!!!! Something is very wrong.”

Turning off location services or other background applications does not seem to make any difference in the battery life. We can assume that iOS 6 was tuned for the iPhone 5’s hardware but it’s hard to imagine Apple releasing the software for older handsets if they knew it would cause a problem for the users.


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