Is Samsung preparing a massive 8-core processor for the upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone? [UPDATE]

// November 22nd, 2012 // Mobile


It has been widely rumored that Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S4 (first known as Project J but now known as Project Altius) smartphone at next year’s 2013 Mobile World Congress in February (Samsung still insists it will be introduced later in the year though). Now rumors are beginning to circulate that the new Galaxy S4 may include a powerful 8-core processor. The rumored processor will be a 28-nm SoC with two quad-core clusters (using ARM’s big.little architecture that was described in August of this year). Rather than a single quad-core with fifth background processor core, the new architecture would sandwich two quad-core processors together into a massive 8-core unit. One cluster, believe to be four Cortex-A15 cores, would run at 1. 8 GHz, and have a 2 MByte L2 cache (geared for high performance apps) while the other cluster, believed to be four Cortex-A7 cores, would run at 1.2 GHz and be tuned for energy efficiency. The processors are said to be 50% more powerful than their predecessors without consuming any more power. This architecture could potentially provide console class gaming capabilities for smartphones.

The phone is also expected to include a whopping 2600mAh battery.

UPDATE 1/6/13: According to insiders familiar with the Korean-based company, the phone will be announced on March 15, 2013 in a Samsung hosted event.  The phone is expected to launch during the second week in April in Europe followed by a May/June launch in the United States.

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