Man arrested after trying to board airplane wearing this cool watch – TSA thinks it’s the bomb

// November 21st, 2012 // Geek Humor


Man arrested trying to wear this watch through airport securitySteampunk rears its ugly head again.  An Oakland artist and teacher was arrested at Oakland International Airport for wearing a suspicious watch, reports Zegarki. Geoffrey McGann, 49, was arrested at 7:45 PM on Thursday after airport security found him wearing a watch with wires, toggle switch, and fuses protruding from it.  Airport security thought the watch looked like either a bomb or a timing device for a bomb and called in the bomb squad to investigate.  After handing the watch around amidst a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”, the watch was deemed safe and classified by TSA as “pretty cool”.

Cool steampunk watchMercury News reported:

“McGann has made dozens of the kind of watch he was wearing when he was arrested and said they have a popular design among people who have seen them. The first time McGann traveled with the watch, he showed it to a TSA supervisor at Los Angeles International Airport and the supervisor told him it was OK to wear it on the plane.”

In a reversal of sanity, the case against McGann has been dismissed and his reservations a Guantanamo Bay cancelled.

Geek Slop take: Not sure.  Watch looks pretty normal to us.

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