Motorola HC1 offers Google Glass alternative with enterprise, industrial, and military applications

// October 22nd, 2012 // Hardware


Motorola HC1 hands-free wearable computerMotorola Solutions unveiled their upcoming HC1 hands-free “wearable” computer to a reporter today and surprisingly, it runs Windows CE 6.0 Professional rather than Android (note: this is “Motorola Solutions”, not “Motorola Mobility” that Google now owns). The HC1 features a hi-res oversize camera and boom microphone and utilizes voice recognition, head gestures, and video streaming over a wireless network.

Motorola is proposing the device be used for enterprise applications in defense, utilities, telecommunications, aerospace, and aviation markets. For instance, firefighters could use the device to identify toxic chemicals in the field or to pull up blueprints for a building. Aviation mechanics could use the device to pull up manuals. Military personnel could use the device to display real-time coordinates on a heads-up display.

The device provides the user a simulated 15-inch virtual “optical-micro” display and offers 3G, WiFii, and Bluetooth connectivity. It can be networked with other HC1 devices too. Expected price is $4,000 – $5,000 per unit when it ships in mid-2013.

Sources: InfoWorld, GameBeat, Venture Beat. Photos courtesy Venture Beat.
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