Is the new Pono Music service the future of digital music?

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Pono music playerNeil Young introduced his new high-fidelity Pono music service on The Late Show with David Letterman on September 28, 2012. Little details on the technology utilized are available but Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea got a first-hand demonstration of the service in Young’s car and told the Rolling Stone:

“It’s not like some vague thing that you need dogs’ ears to hear. It’s a drastic difference.”

Young has been increasingly vocal about what he perceives as poor quality music served to music fans in the form of MP3 files. Young, who’s objective is to unify the quality of recorded music, feels music quality should be much closer to studio quality. Rolling Stone says the big-three labels are all interested so this could indeed take off.

Pono will be comprised of a high-quality music service, a tool that converts digital audio to analog audio, and a series of triangular-shaped music players.

You can watch Neil Young’s David Letterman appearance below:


Neil Young introduces Pono Music Service


Sources: CBS
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