Facebook introduces share through Dropbox feature

// September 26th, 2012 // Internet


Share Dropbox files through Facebook

Chris Varenhorst, an engineer with Dropbox, announced on his blog today that Facebook Groups can now share files via Dropbox cloud storage.

“Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team’s group, or post a birthday video to your family’s group at lightning speed from wherever you are. Just like other posts to Facebook Groups, people can like or comment on anything you share from within the group. And if you make any edits to a file you’ve shared, the group will get an update automatically!”

On the Facebook Group page, you’ll see a new option, “From your Dropbox”. After linking Facebook to your Dropbox account, you’ll be able select a file from your Dropbox to share with your friends. Items shared from your Dropbox account will show up on their Facebook Wall.

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