New archive of virtually every news program for the past three years

// September 19th, 2012 // Moves, TV, and Music News

Advertisements TV News archiveIn an effort to preserve the public works of human kind, has given us another way to relive and reconstruct the past with their new TV News Archive.  Containing over 350,000 videos, TV News Archive preserves virtually every nationally televised news program for the past three years.  New news programs are added each day within 24 hours of airing.  The intent is to provide a means for users to reference and compare statements made from the very influential news media.

Andrew Hayword, former president of CBS News commented:

“You have to see this service to believe it – and even then, you may not. The Internet Archive has harnessed today’s extraordinary advances in computing power and storage capacity to capture virtually every national U.S. television news program and allow users to find and view short streamed clips on any subject. This easily searchable and sortable database will be a fantastic resource for journalists, researchers, librarians and news junkies alike.”

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