Real or Enhanced? Moustafa “Popeye” Ismail defends source of his record breaking arms

// November 30th, 2012 // Entertainment News


World record - biggest arms

First Guinness decided to recognize Moustafa “Popeye” Ismail as the holder of the world’s largest arms.  But at 31 inches in girth, detractors said “no way”.  They insist the freaky set of guns are enhanced in some manner, either by steroids, silicone injections, or injections of synthol, a synthetic oil that expands and enhances muscle tissue. But Ismail insists the record-breaking arms are result of diet and good old fashion hard work.  Ismail says that his intake of 7 pounds of protein, 9 pounds of carbohydrates, and 3 gallons of water every day fuels the growth of the muscle tissue after his “intense” training workouts.

“It’s not about me lifting heavy weights. It’s about me making the right techniques, even with the light weights, but getting good results out of that.”

And even though Ismail earned the “Popeye” moniker years ago, he insists he differs from the comic book character in one very important area:

“They call me Popeye, the Egyptian Popeye. But unlike the cartoon character, ‘I like chicken, beef, anything but spinach.’”

Two questions come to mind.  (1) Inhuman muscle mass = inhuman strength (typically).  But Ismail takes extra precaution to point out that he trains with light weights (count the lbs. of weight used in the pictures below). (2) Why is the rest of his body, including the forearms that would almost certainly be stressed during a normal biceps/triceps workout, approximately the size of a normal man?  So what do you think? Steroids, synthetic injections, or simply gifted genetics?

Here’s a set of pictures of Moustafa “Popeye” Ismail’s uncanny arms.

Sources: Daily Mail
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