Video of Creepy DARPA “Big Dog” Robotic Soldier

// September 11th, 2012 // Technology


If you ever wake up screaming because you dreamt robots have taken over the world, your dreams are about to get a lot creepier.  DARPA’s LS3, otherwise known as “Big Dog”, was toned down in their latest video but it’s still a creepy, but cool, robot.  Developed by Boston Dynamics, the “Legged Support System (LS3), is designed to travel alongside dismounted U.S. soldiers, carrying their gear for them, and of course interacting with them.  The military says deployment is still a ways off but we all know how much faith to put into the miltary’s declared schedules.  High value equipment is typically deployed years before the United States military openly admits.

The new and improved LS3 demonstrated new gaits and an improved sensitivity to objects in its environment.  It is also much quieter this time which must certainly be an advantage to soldiers creeping through the battle grounds (or your local neighborhood).



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