Russian Yandex expands beyond search engine services further challenging Google with new web browser and app store

// October 2nd, 2012 // Internet


Yandex logoRussian based Internet search engine Yandex has been in the news a lot lately. Despite their irritating search bot that ignores search engine rules and common website courtesy (yes, we had to block Yandex from our servers), the Yandex search engine is quite effective and utilizes several interesting technologies including their MatrixNet search engine ranking algorithm, Spectrum ambiguous query analyzer, and a method to aggregate duplicate images into a single search result. In addition to search services, Yandex offers advertising services, e-commerce payment systems, and social network services. Now Yandex, which is ranked as the 5th largest search engine worldwide, is further encroaching on Google’s territory, introducing a new web browser and mobile application store.

The Yandex web browser combines elements of the open source Chromium project (the core of the Google Chrome browser) and Opera. Previously they had a simple, rebranded version of Chromium. The new version combines Chromium’s WebKit with Opera’s Turbo technology which compresses pages to reduce load time. According to Bloomberg, the browser also integrates with Kaspwerky Lab’s safe-browsing technology to help users avoid malware infections. Yandex has stated that the browser will be updated every few weeks.

Alongside the new browser, Yandex revealed their new “alternative app store” for Android applications The Yandex app store will take 30% of the cut give 70% to the developer. It will support in-app purchases and payments via mobile billing or credit cards.

Yandex currently holds over 60% of the search engine market in Russia, which is down from 65% in February 2011. Google search on the other hand, is gaining ground growing their market share from 21.4% to 26.6% in the same time period. Opera is the leading web browser at 30% with Google Chrome not too far behind at 26%. Firefox is third at 19% and Internet Explorer is last at 14%.

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