Samsung scorches Apple in iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy SIII comparison ad

// September 15th, 2012 // Mobile




After an already ugly lawsuit, the gloves come off. Samsung has released a scorching advertisement that transparently compares Apple’s new iPhone 5 feature set (and limitations) to the Samsung Galaxy S III in an advertisement titled “It doesn’t take a genius” (see ad copy above – click to view full-size ad).  “The Next Big Think Is Already Here” appears in bold letters at the bottom of the advertisement with the feature comparison making it clear that Samsung’s technology is far more advanced than Apple’s. Of course we know that geeks buy Android devices because of the superior technology but iPhone buyers can be a fickle bunch. The pre-orders of the iPhone 5 sold out quickly which points towards, well, we’re not sure what it points to. We guess iPhone fans just like the way it looks, the iOS 6 operating system, or maybe that it’s foolproof.  Regardless, the iPhone looks to be another Apple hit while Samsung will most likely continue to erode Apple’s market share.

Here is the spec comparison Samsung makes:

4.0” screen 4.8” screen
Retina Display HD Super AMOLED Display
1138×640 resolution 1280×20 HD resolution
Up to 225 hrs standby time Up to 790 hrs standby time
Up to 8 hrs talk time Up to 11.4 hrs talk time
Full HD 1080p video recording Full HD 1080p video recording
3.95 oz weight 4.7 oz weight
Siri S Voice
16, 32, or 64 fixed internal storage 16 or 32 fixed + up to 64GB microSD storage
iOS 6.0 OS Android 4.0 OS
A totally different plug Standard micro USB plug
Smart Stay
Group Cast
Direct Call
Smart Alert
Tilt to Zoom
Palm Swipe Capture
Palm Touch Mute Pause
Picture in Picture
Turn Over to Mute
Shake to Update
Removable battery


We would have added voice + data to the list…

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