Snapping Shrimp creates noise so loud it kills victims and can break glass

// September 15th, 2012 // Science


imageSnapping Shrimp stuns its victims to death with a noise so loud it produces an effect known as sonoluminescence (luminescence excited in a substance by the passage of sound waves through it).  The Snapping Shrimp has a unique large claw that creates a wave of bubbles that generate huge acoustic pressure when snapped.  The bubble it produces reaches speeds up to 60 mph with a sound so loud it can kill a small fish.  The speed of which the bubble collapses produces sonoluminescence, a luminescent burst of light, and reaches temperatures nearly as hot as the surface of the Sun.  The sound wave can kill small fish and break glass bottles.

Throw a cape on this bad boy – there’s a new superhero in town.

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