Stores using hidden cameras behind mannequin eyes to spy on customers

// November 21st, 2012 // Entertainment News


Mannequin headMannequins are creepy enough anyway. Now we find out from Bloomberg that a number of high-profile chains are reportedly utilizing a new kind of high-tech mannequin fitted with a tiny camera to spy on shoppers. The EyeSee, created by Italian mannequin manufacturer Almax, uses a camera embedded in one of the mannequin’s eyes and facial recognition technology to identify and tag shoppers.  The facial recognition software identifies the shopper’s age, gender, and race, data which helps the stores design and develop marketing programs for their customers.

Stores already utilize overhead security cameras but the cameras mounted in the mannequin eye is much better suited to customer marketing related video because it is basically eye-level with the customer.  The units currently sell for a little over $5,000.

Almax is currently testing mannequins that also include microphones which provide marketers the ability to listen in on customer comments regarding the mannequin display.

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