Tegra 4 leak hints at 72-core graphics chip in next generation mobile processor

// December 18th, 2012 // Hardware


Leaked slide shows specs of Tegra 4 (Wayne) processor

Chinese website, Chip Hell, has leaked what could be the specs of Nvidia’s next-generation Tegra processor, codenamed “Wayne” (following Nvidia’s superhero naming scheme).  If the leak is true, Qualcomm and Samsung better stay on their toes.  The Tegra 4 will apparently follow the same 28nm process (battery saving) as its rivals and according to the slide from Chip Hell, will feature a dizzying 72-core (fixed function maybe?) graphics chip giving it 6x the graphical power of the current-generation Tegra chips.  The chip will be a 4+1 quad-core processor and given the “Eagle” moniker in the CPU spec, we can assume it will be a Cortex-A15 (Eagle was ARM’s codename for the architecture) with a Cortex-A7 core for low power processing.  The slide also touts , USB 3.0 support, 4K video playback, and native support for resolutions up to 2,560 x 1440.

Sources: Chip Hell, Engadget, The Verge
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