Vampirella returns in Vampirella Strikes! written by fan favorite Tom Sniegoski

// October 9th, 2012 // Comics News


Vampirella Strikes Issue #1New York Times Best Selling author Tom Sniegoski, who has written some great works such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Punisher, Bone, Star Trek, The Fallen, etc. is returning to the Vampirella series in an updated series entitled Vampirella Strikes!

As Tom explained:

“They say you can’t go home again . . . or write sexy vampiric characters who kick major ass that you started your comics career with-so you can guess my trepidation when asked by Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite Comics, to write Vampirella again,” says writer Tom Sniegoski. “But, you know what? It wasn’t so hard. I think I might’ve missed her. For my first Vampirella Strikes storyline (On the Side of Angels), I’m taking our heroine to a place she’s never really been before. Sure, Vampirella has done battle with all kinds of monsters, beasts and demons of various shapes and sizes, but I wanted to take her out of her element-I wanted to push her into a world commonly believed to be one of light, and goodness, and show her that there is darkness there as well.”

Vampirella debuted in 1969 in a black & white magazine titled simply VAMPIRELLA. With a stunning cover by legendary artist, Frank Frazetta, Vampirella #1 quickly made publishing history with its depiction of a vampire heroine, and its success prompted comics giants DC and Marvel to launch horror titles of their own. Vampirella appeared in this magazine format throughout the 1970’s.

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