New Western Digital Drives are not only cool technology, they’re huge 4TB monsters

// September 27th, 2012 // Products for Sale


Western Digital WD RE harddriveWestern Digital (WD) announced today the availability of its new WD RE 3.5 inch hard drive line. The drive uses No Touch technology which keeps the recording heads from touching the disk media and hence, less wear on recording heads and drive media surfaces. They offer up to 4TB storage space and are excellent for write-intensive applications.

The new drive is available in 6Gbps SAS (printers) or SATA (computers) interfaces. It features 64MB cache and spins at 7,2000rpm in a five-disk platform (800GB per platter) and offers dual-port, full-duplex connectivity with up to 1.4 MTBF, for high long-term reliability. Dual Stage Actuation (DSA) and Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF) 4th generation vibration tolerance features ensure the drive performs reliably in vibration-prone environments.

The new WD RE hard drive is available in capacities ranging from 2TB to 4TB, with the 4TB version costing about $460 for SATA or $480 for SAS and comes with a confident five-year warranty.

Sources: Western Digital, Ziff Davis
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