World’s largest portable 3D printer can print furniture

// September 24th, 2012 // Futuristic Technology


KamerMaker portable pavillion 3-D printerLast week the Dutch gave us the world’s largest Facebook party and this week they give us the world’s largest, portable pavilion 3D printer. Those Dutch do indeed go big. The Dutch architecture firm DUS unveiled the KamerMaker, a printer they say is “the world’s first movable 3-D print pavilion”, in an open source project that can print objects up to 7 feet by 11 feet in size. This bad boy is plenty big enough to print furniture and in fact, KamerMaker will print the world’s first entirely printed 3-D living room this fall.

KamerMaker projectA 3-D printer is a printer that can make three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. KamerMaker prints objects made out of PLA, a bioplastic made from corn.  In the future they will likely introduce other construction materials.

According to Earth Techling, this sort of technology stands to revolutionize architecture, among other industries. 3D printers are already used to construct jewelry, footwear, and dental appliances and their one-off capabilities make any cheap 3d printer perfect for printing engineering prototypes. For the future, they envision the potential to build an entire house, piece by piece, to be assembled onsite by the homeowner or the potential of quickly printing uniquely designed, 3D body replacement parts or other human reconstructive components. In fact, they see the possibility of the KamerMaker being used to make additional portable pavilions or maybe even another KamerMaker itself.

The KamerMaker is open to the public four days a week in Amsterdam and next year, it will set off on a tour of the Netherlands.

Sources: Earth Techling
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