Official Google Glass specs released

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As Google Glass begins rolling off the production lines and the Explorer developer program kicks in, the Google Glass support documentation was released today so we now have the official specs in hand. The display is said to be equivalent to a 25-inch HD display viewed from 8 feet away. The camera is a 5-megapixel…

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Huge number of WordPress bruteforce attacks reported in the wild

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Security software firm Sucuri has announced the discovery of a massive Wordpress brute force attack that is circulating in the wild. Analysis of security logs and monitoring via their operations center, has revealed a three-fold increase in Wordpress bruteforce attacks over the past three months. The attacks are coming from a large number of IP…

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Dubai police force equipped with Lamborghini police cars

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When you’ve got tons of money derived from a limited resource that will one day run out, what do you do with it? Spend it like there’s no tomorrow! Dubai has equipped their police force with $400,000 Italian-made Lamborghini Aventador sports cars retrofitted with Dubai police insignias and colorful lights. Lamborghini, an affiliate of the…

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Scientists discover evidence of mind-bending “dark lightning” – invisible sprays of X-rays and intense bursts of gamma rays

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Scientists have discovered something mind-bending about lightning – sometimes its flashes are invisible, just sudden pulses of unexpectedly powerful radiation. Termed “dark lightning”, it is now clear to a growing number of lightning researchers and astronomers that along with bright, visible thunderbolts, thunderstorms sometimes unleash sprays of X-rays and intense bursts of gamma rays (called…

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