The 2004 Seest fireworks disaster – mesmerizing video of the catastrophe – wonderfully beautiful while tragically sad

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Seest fireworks disaster - 2004 Denmark

It claimed 355 houses, destroyed over 1,000 buildings, injured over 50 people, forced the evacuation of thousands of people, and killed one firefighter.  The 1,200 tons of fireworks that exploded during the November 3, 2004 Seest fireworks disaster destroyed the N. P. Johnsen’s fireworks factory shutting down the main importer of fireworks in Denmark. The ignition source was determined to be a single container of fireworks that was accidentally dropped. The following day, the blackened landscape in Seest, a suburb of Kolding, Denmark, was littered with debris, gutted cars and damaged houses. That the number of casualties was so low is a testament to the quick reaction of the Dutch emergency services.

The demonstrated physics are mesmerizing – pressure waves visible through the smoke-filled sky; cameramen knocked down by the massive shock waves.  Still, there is something surreal about the video footage captured during the accident. It is wonderfully beautiful while at the same time tragically sad.  Check out the video montage of the Seest fireworks accident below.

Seest fireworks disaster (Denmark 2004)
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