4chan provide XBox One backward compatibility hack – hack really bricks system instead

// December 9th, 2013 // Gaming


Ah, those crazy goofs at 4chan are at it again, this time convincing noobs, who were trying to unlock a magical ability to run older Xbox games on their new Xbox One consoles, to follow a specific set of procedures that, in the end, bricks their Xbox One consoles. Now Microsoft has its hands full trying to keep Xbox fans from self-destructing their systems.

The prank, which purports to “unlock” the console, allowing it to play games designed for the older Xbox 360, is listed below.

Fake 4chan Xbox One instructions will brick your new system

This follows a September prank in which a series of very professional-looking, but fake, iOS 7 ads appeared on the boards convincing many Apple iPhone users that the new OS upgrade had made their phones waterproof.  Believe it or not, reports of several iPhone users dunking their phones in water soon followed.

Fake iOS 7 ads purport the OS upgrade makes your iPhone waterproof


Fake iOS 7 ads purport the OS upgrade makes your iPhone waterproof


Sources: 4chan
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