Anonymous makes good on threats – takes control of several North Korea websites, Twitter, and Flickr accounts

// April 4th, 2013 // Hacking and Security


Anonymous hacks North Korea sites and places this picture of Kim Jongun with pig ears

Anonymous mask over North Korean flagA few hours ago, Twitter and Flickr accounts belonging to a North Korean news agency have been hijacked by Anonymous just one day after they announced “war” against the North Korean government.  The Twitter and Flickr accounts represent Uriminzokkiri (meaning “Our Nation”), a North Korean news and known propaganda site.  The Twitter page, which has over 14,000 followers, switched from Korean to English this morning and began broadcasting various pro-Anonymous and anti-North Korean messages while unflattering portrayals of North Korean leader Kim Jongun began appearing on the hacked Flickr account.

Taking advantage of the hijacked accounts, Anonymous began listing several North Korean websites that had also been pwnd including,,, ,, and  Some of the hacked sites displayed anti-North Korean banners while others were offline and completely inaccessible.

Let the games begin…


Anonymous Tango Down on North Korean website


North Korean Twitter account hacked by Anonymous

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