VIDEO: So it IS possible to do a complete loop on a swingset!

// November 25th, 2013 // Entertainment


So now we know. It IS possible to do a complete loop on a swingset. We’ve just been attempting it backwards this entire time. In the video below, a young lad (presumably from Russia) begins to swing on a rickety-looking swingset before finally getting the swing high enough to do a complete loop – backwards. He continues to loop backwards gaining speed with each revolution, then comes to a stall, and reverses direction to start looping forwards. In the second half of the video, a man comes in and gives the kid a few extra pushes to make him go even faster. He’s gotta be pulling several G’s during all of this.

As the video ends, the cameraman pans away to a spot in front of the swingset. Don’t get your hopes up – we’re not going to see a rocket-launch dismount from the swingset. The video simply ends.

A complete loop on a swingset!
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