Demolition work reveals astonishingly well-preserved historic sign

// August 28th, 2013 // Entertainment


Historic Dr Pepper sign uncovered in Little Rock, Arkansas

Restoration work in Little Rock, Arkansas has revealed a historic Dr Pepper soft drink sign on a building that once housed Dr Pepper bottling equipment. Located on Seventh Street in Little Rock, a former laundry laying adjacent to the property was torn down to make way for future expansion. After demolition of the laundry building, an astonishingly well-preserved sign was discovered. Historians say it is one of the best preserved signs found to date. A website about the W. 7th Street commercial historic district provided a bit of history on the building.

“Two buildings in the West 7th Street Historic District were constructed in the 1920s and are both located at 1100 block of W. 7th. The building at 1107 W. 7th was constructed c. 1925 for Little Rock Bottling Company, who advertised the manufacture of Chero-Cola. The Dr. Pepper Bottling Company moved into the building in the late 1930s, remaining through the 1950s. The building was expanded to the west in 1930. Next door, on the southeast corner of Ringo and W. Seventh Streets, the Massery Laundry Company Building at 1123 W. Seventh Street was built c. 1925. The one and one-half story brick building is typical of 1920s commercial design in its decorative brick pattern with subtle cast concrete details.”

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