Extremely rare video footage emerges – Full-HD color video of bustling New York City in 1939

// June 8th, 2013 // Entertainment


Extremely rare color video footage, shot by French visitor Jean Vivier on 16mm Kodachrome (one of the first color films available) in the summer of 1939, has emerged online showing a nostalgia-inducing New York City metropolis where Buicks and Packards line the street, and buses painted green and yellow move along the avenues.  The video was posted to YouTube by Vincent Romano, who owns the Romano Archives, a website specializing in color footage from the World War II era, and contains clippings that were a part of a larger film that Vivier had shot that summer.  Notice that there is no sound in the video as audio recording was not available at the time.

Check out snippets of the videos, along with explanations noting what the film is showing, below:


New York City – 1939


Sources: Romano Archives, National Historic Archive
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