Fleeing impala takes advantage of window of opportunity to outwit hungry cheetahs

// July 12th, 2013 // General Science News


A fleeing impala was caught on film taking advantage of a window of opportunity while fleeing from a pair of cheetahs in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.   University of Pretoria student Samantha Pittendrigh and her friends were on a day trip at the park and stopped along with other cars to watch a pack of impalas flying across the road.  It soon became apparent that the group of impalas were fleeing from a pair of hungry cheetahs that were in hot pursuit.

“The cheetahs chased the impala across the road and they disappeared into the bush, but they came back around again.  We heard a loud bang [the sound of the cheetah slamming into the car] and then the people in the car started screaming ‘open the door, open the door’.”

The impala tried to jump over a Toyota Prado that had stopped to watch the chase, but instead flew through the vehicle’s open window.  The occupants of the vehicle quickly opened the side door and coaxed the impala out.  The impala was uninjured in the incident.

“It’s a good thing they were not chasing an elephant!”, one person can be heard commenting in the video.

Watch the amazing video below.

Cheetahs chase impala through open car window
Sources: South Africa’s Independent Online, Barcraft TV
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