Family stunned to find hacked baby monitor taunting infant girl, calling her a “little slut”

// August 15th, 2013 // Hacking and Security


Baby monitor webcam

A Houston, Texas family was stunned this week when they entered their baby daughter’s room and heard the webcam, which they use to monitor the baby, taunting the small girl with insults and profanity. The couple said they walked in and heard the baby monitor say “Wake up Allyson, you little slut.” The couple say the hacker likely knew the baby’s name from a sign on her bedroom wall.

They noted that the hacker had a British or European accent. When they entered the room, the camera swung toward them and the hacker turned his taunts towards the parents calling the father a “stupid moron” and the mother a “bitch”. The father quickly unplugged the camera.

The baby girl’s father told reporters that basic security precautions had been taken to secure the camera,

“The router was password protected and the firewall was enabled. The IP camera was also password protected.”

As for Allyson, rest assured she was not traumatized by the event and in fact, never even woke up. The parents say that Allyson was born deaf with cochlear implants to help her hear. She does not wear the implants while asleep and hence, never heard a thing.

Sources: KTVT Houston
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