Monumental shift in internet naming – thousands of new TLD’s are coming- beginning this month!

// August 7th, 2013 // Internet


New gTLD (tld) availability timeline and launch sequence

.com is not the .end

Starting this year, over a thousand new domain name extensions (gTLDs) will begin to replace the “.com” in website name addresses.  Until now there has only been about 23 gtlds. There are also cctlds, or, country code top level domains like .de, for Germany and .ru for Russia that are widely used by their respective countries.  Soon, there will be website name endings with Brands, like .Google, or .Gucci, city names like .NYC and .LONDON, interests, like .ART, products for .BABY, .AUTO, .FOOD and more.  There will even be new internationalized website naming options for users in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and other languages that do not use a western alphabet.  The introduction of new domain extensions will result in a monumental shift in internet navigation, marketing and use.

ICANN has developed a system to prioritize and meter the roll out of over 1,000 new top level domains over the course of a year. This will help determine the order in which new tlds will be added to the internet. Each TLD application was assigned a priority number through lottery style auction in December 2012. That priority number will dictate the order by which applications will be processed. Each new TLD will be brought to market by way of a uniquely crafted launch sequence having distinct phases. This will determine how the names are made available to users- when, to whom, and under what conditions.

And it all begins now!

Here is the complete list of gTLDs that will be introduced beginning this month.


.academy .accountant .accountants .actor .ads
.adult .agency .airforce .analytics .and
.antivirus .apartments .app .archi .architect
.are .army .art .associates .attorney
.auction .audio .auto .autoinsurance
.baby .band .bank .bar .bargains
.baseball .basketball .beauty .beer .best
.bet .bible .bid .bike .bingo
.bio .black .blackfriday .blog .blue
.boats .boo .book .boutique .broadway
.broker .build .builders .business .buy
.cab .cafe .cam .camera .camp
.capital .car .cards .care .career
.careers .carinsurance .cars .cash .casino
.catering .catholic .center .ceo .channel
.charity .charity .cheap .christmas .church
.city .claims .cleaning .click .clinic
.clothing .cloud .club .coach .codes
.coffee .college .community .company .compare
.computer .condos .construction .consulting .contact
.contractors .cooking .cool .corp .country
.coupon .courses .cpa .credit .creditcard
.creditunion .cricket .cruise
.dad .dance .data .dating .day
.dds .dealer .deals .degree .delivery
.democrat .dental .dentist .design .dev
.diamonds .diet .digital .direct .directory
.discount .diy .docs .doctor .dog
.doctor .dot .download .drive .drive
.earth .eat .eco .ecom .education
.email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises
.equipment .esq .estate .events .exchange
.expert .exposed .express
.fail .faith .family .fan .farm
.fashion .feedback .film .finance .financial
.financialaid .fish .fishing .fit .fitness
.flights .florist .flowers .fly .foo
.food .football .forex .forsale .forum
.foundation .free .frontdoor .fun .fund
.furniture .futbol .fyi
.gallery .game .garden .gay .gift
.gifts .gives .giving .glass .glean
.global .gmbh .gold .golf .gop
.graphics .green .gripe .grocery .group
.guide .guitars .guru
.hair .halal .hangout .health .healthcare
.heart .help .here .hiphop .hiv
.hockey .holdings .holiday .home .horse
.hospital .host .hosting .hot .hoteis
.hotel .hoteles .house .how
.immo .inc .industries .ing .ink
.institute .insurance .insure .international .investments
.ira .islam
.jewelry .juegos
.kids .kitchen .kosher
.land .law .lawyer .lds .lease
.legal .lgbt .life .lifeinsurance .lifestyle
.lighting .limited .limo .link .live
.living .llc .loans .loft .lol
.lotto .love .ltd .luxe .luxury
.mail .makeup .man .management .map
.market .marketing .mba .med .media
.medical .meet .meme .memorial .men
.menu .mlb .mls .mobile .mom
.money .mormon .mortgage .motorcycles .mov
.movie .music .mutualfunds
.navy .nba .network .new .news
.next .nfl .ngo .ninja .now
.office .one .ong .online .organic
.page .partners .parts .party .patch
.pay .pets .pharmacy .phd .photo
.photography .physio .physio .pics .pictures
.pid .ping .pink .pizza .place
.play .plumbing .plus .poker .porn
.press .prod .productions .prof .promo
.properties .property .protection .pub
.racing .radio .realestate .realtor .realty
.recipes .red .rehab .rent .rentals
.repair .report .republican .restaurant .retirement
.review .rip .rocks .rodeo .room
.rsvp .rugby .run
.safety .sale .salon .save .scholarships
.school .science .search .secure .security
.seek .services .sex .sexy .shiksha .shop .shopping .show .silk
.singles .site .ski .skin .smile
.soccer .social .software .solar .solutions
.spa .space .sport .spot .spreadbetting
.star .storage .store .stroke .studio
.study .style .sucks .supplies .supply
.support .surf .surgery .systems
.talk .tattoo .tax .taxi .team
.tech .technology .tennis .theater .tickets
.tips .tires .today .tools .top
.tours .town .toys .trade .trading
.training .trust .tube
.vacations .ventures .vet .video .villas
.vin .vip .vision .vodka .vote
.voting .voyage
.watch .weather .web .webcam .website
.wedding .wiki .win .wine .winners
.work .works .world .wow .wtf
.yachts .yellowpages .yoga .you
.zip .zone

City TLDs

.abudhabi .amsterdam .barcelona .bcn
.berlin .boston .brussels .budapest
.capetown .city .cologne .dubai
.durban .hamburg .helsinki .ist
.istanbul .joburg .koeln .kyoto
.london .madrid .melbourne .miami
.moscow .nagoya .nyc .osaka
.paris .rio .roma .stockholm
.sydney .taipei .tokyo .vegas
.yokohama .wien .zuerich


.africa .alsace .aquitaine .arab
.bayern .bzh .cal .catalonia
.corsica .cymru .eus .gal
.gent .genting .irish .kiwi
.lat .nrw .okinawa .pars
.quebec .ryukyu .saarland .scot
.swiss .tatar .thai .tirol
.vlaanderen .wales .zulu

International TLDs – Latin/Ascii Characters

.abogado .anquan .banque .blanco
.casa .cyou .dabur .gmbh
.gratis .halal .haus .hoteis
.hoteles .immo .immobilien .indians
.jetzt .jio .juegos .kim
.kinder .lacaixa .latino .maison
.moda .moto .movistar .mozaic
.mutuelle .onl .persiangulf .reise
.rest .rich .ruhr .sapo
.sarl .schule .shia .shouji
.sina .skolkovo .sncf .soy
.srl .tienda .translations .uno
.versicherung .viajes .villas .viva
.vivo .voto .vuelos .weibo
.whoswho .xihuan .xin .yun

IDNs – Internationalized TLDs – Non Latin Script

.католик .みんな .线 .
.ком .アマゾン .大众汽车 .点看
.москва .クラウド .大拿 .珠宝
.онлайн .グーグル .天主教 .삼성
.орг .コム .娱乐 .盛贸饭店
.рус .ストア .娱乐 .
.сайт .セール .家電 .网址
קוֹם. .ファッション .工行 .网店
ابوظبي. .ポイント .广 .网站
اتصالات. .一号店 .广州 .
ارامكو. .世界 .微博 .联通
العليان. .中信 .慈善 .诺基亚
بازار. .中文网 .爱你 .谷歌
بيتك. .亚马逊 .手机 .购物
شبكة. . .手表 .通用电气公司
عرب. .佛山 .招聘 .通販
.كاثوليك .信息 . .
كوم. .公司 .政府 .電訊盈科
.كيوتل .健康 . .飞利浦
.موبايلي .八卦 .时尚 .食品
.موزايك .公益 .普利司通 .
موقع. .商城 .書籍 .香格里拉
همراه. .商店 .机构 .香港電訊 . .机构体制 .點看 .嘉里 .欧莱雅 .닷넷
.संगठन .嘉里大酒店 .淡马锡 .닷컴
คอม. .深圳

Brand gTLDs

.aaa .deutschepost .komatsu .reisen
.aarp .dhl .konami .reliance
.abarth .digikey .kone .ren
.abb .discover .kpmg .rexroth
.abbott .dish .kpn .richardli
.abbvie .dnb .krd .ricoh
.abc .dnp .kred .rightathome
.able .docomo .ksb .ril
.accenture .dodge .kuokgroup .rmit
.acer .doha .kyknet .rocher
.aco .doosan .ladbrokes .rockwool
.active .dstv .lamborghini .rogers
.adac .dtv .lamer .rwe
.aeg .dunlop .lancaster .safe
.aetna .duns .lancia .safeway
.afamilycompany .dupont .lancome .sakura
.afl .dvag .landrover .samsclub
.africamagic .dvr .lanxess .sandvik
.agakhan .dwg .lasalle .sandvikcoromant
.aig .edeka .latrobe .sanofi
.aigo .emerck .leclerc .sap
.airbus .emerson .lefrak .sapo
.airtel .epost .lego .sapphire
.akdn .epson .lexus .sas
.alcon .ericsson .liaison .saxo
.alfaromeo .erni .lidl .sbi
.alibaba .est .like .sbs
.alipay .esurance .lilly .sca
.allfinanz .etisalat .lincoln .scb
.allfinanzberater .eurovision .linde .schaeffler
.allfinanzberatung .everbank .lipsy .schmidt
.allstate .extraspace .livestrong .schwarz
.ally .fage .lixil .schwarzgroup
.alstom .fairwinds .locker .scjohnson
.amazon .farmers .locus .scor
.americanexpress .fast .loreal .seat
.americanfamily .fedex .lotte .select
.amex .ferrari .lpl .sener
.amfam .ferrero .lplfinancial .ses
.amica .fiat .ltda .seven
.amp .fidelity .lundbeck .sew
.android .fido .lupin .sfr
.ansons .final .macys .shangrila
.anthem .finish .maif .sharp
.anz .fire .mango .shaw
.aol .firestone .marriott .shell
.apple .firmdale .marshalls .shopyourway
.aquarelle .flickr .maserati .showtime
.aramco .flir .matrix .shriram
.arte .fls .mattel .sky
.asda .flsmidth .maybelline .skydrive
.astrium .foodnetwork .mcd .skype
.athleta .ford .mcdonalds .sling
.audi .fox .mckinsey .smart
.audible .fresenius .meo .softbank
.auspost .frl .merck .sohu
.author .frogans .merckmsd .song
.avery .frontier .metlife .sony
.avianca .ftr .microsoft .spiegel
.aws .fujitsu .mih .stada
.axa .fujixerox .mii .staples
.axis .gallo .mini .starhub
.azure .gallup .mint .statebank
.baidu .gap .mit .statefarm
.banamex .garnier .mitek .statoil
.bananarepublic .gbiz .mitsubishi .stc
.barclaycard .gcc .mma .stcgroup
.barclays .gdn .mnet .stream
.barefoot .gea .moe .supersport
.bauhaus .gecompany .moi .suzuki
.bbb .ged .monash .svr
.bbc .george .monster .swatch
.bbt .ggee .montblanc .swiftcover
.bbva .glade .mopar .symantec
.bcg .gle .mrmuscle .tab
.beats .globalx .mrporter .taobao
.beknown .globo .msd .target
.bentley .gmail .mtn .tata
.bestbuy .gmc .mtpc .tatamotors
.bharti .gmo .mtr .tci
.bing .gmx .multichoice .tdk
.blockbuster .godaddy .mutual .telecity
.bloomberg .goldpoint .mzansimagic .telefonica
.bloomingdales .goo .nab .temasek
.bms .goodhands .nadex .terra
.bmw .goodyear .naspers .teva
.bnl .goog .nationwide .thd
.bnpparibas .google .natura .theguardian
.boehringer .got .nec .thehartford
.bofa .gotv .netaporter .tiaa
.bom .grainger .netbank .tiffany
.bond .gree .netflix .tjx
.booking .guardian .neustar .tjmaxx
.boots .guardianlife .newholland .tkmaxx
.bosch .guardianmedia .nextdirect .tmall
.bostik .gucci .nexus .toray
.bot .guge .nhk .toshiba
.box .hbo .nico .total
.bradesco .hdfc .nike .toyota
.bridgestone .hdfcbank .nikon .tradershotels
.brother .heinz .nissan .transformers
.bugatti .hermes .nissay .transunion
.buick .hgtv .nokia .travelchannel
.bway .hilton .northlandinsurance .travelers
.cadillac .hisamitsu .northwesternmutual .travelersinsurance
.call .hitachi .norton .travelguard
.calvinklein .hkt .nowruz .trv
.canalplus .homedepot .nowtv .tui
.cancerresearch .honda .nra .tunes
.canon .honeywell .ntt .tushu
.capitalone .hotmail .obi .tvs
.caravan .hsbc .observer .ubank
.caremore .htc .off .ubs
.cartier .hughes .olayan .uconnect
.caseih .hyatt .olayangroup .ultrabook
.cashbackbonus .hyundai .oldnavy .ummah
.cba .ibm .ollo .unicom
.cbn .icbc .olympus .unicorn
.cbre .ice .omega .uol
.cbs .icu .onyourside .ups
.ceb .idn .ooo .vana
.cern .ieee .open .vanguard
.cfa .ifm .oracle .vanish
.cfd .iinet .orange .verisign
.chanel .ikano .orientexpress .vermögensberater
.changiairport .imamat .origins .vermögensberatung
.chartis .imdb .otsuka .vig
.chase .infiniti .ott .viking
.chatr .infosys .overheidnl .virgin
.chesapeake .infy .ovh .visa
.chevrolet .intel .pamperedchef .vista
.chevy .intuit .panasonic .vistaprint
.chintai .ipiranga .panerai .volkswagen
.chk .iselect .passagens .volvo
.chloe .ismaili .patagonia .vons
.chrome .itau .payu .walmart
.chrysler .itv .pccw .walter
.cialis .iveco .pfizer .wang
.cimb .iwc .philips .wanggou
.cipriani .jaguar .piaget .warman
.circle .java .pictet .weatherchannel
.cisco .jcb .pin .weber
.citadel .jcp .pioneer .webjet
.citi .jeep .piperlime .weir
.citic .jlc .pitney .williamhill
.cityeats .jll .playstation .wilmar
.clinique .jmp .pnc .windows
.clubmed .jnj .pohl .wme
.comcast .jpmorgan .politie .wolterskluwer
.commbank .jpmorganchase .polo .woodside
.comsec .jprs .pramerica .wtc
.connectors .juniper .praxi .xbox
.cookingchannel .justforu .prime .xerox
.crown .kaufen .progressive .xfinity
.crs .kddi .pru .xperia
.csc .kerastase .prudential .yahoo
.cuisinella .kerryhotels .pwc .yamaxun
.datsun .kerrylogisitics .qtel .yandex
.dclk .kerryproperties .quest .yodobashi
.dell .ketchup .qvc .youtube
.delmonte .kfh .raid .zappos
.deloitte .kia .ram .zara
.delta .kiehls .read .zero
.desi .kindle .redken .zippo
.redstone .redumbrella .joy
.homegoods .jot .homesense
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