Look. Up in the sky. It’s a life-size radio-controlled Superman!

// July 2nd, 2013 // Comics News



Recently spotted flying above the skies of San Diego, Otto Dieffenbach’s radio-controlled Superman drew quite a few stares from puzzled citizens.  The test flight took place June 27, 2013.  Otto, and his business partner Ed Hanley, have started a small startup company that specializes in getting unusual (read, not-aerodynamically shaped) objects, including comic book heroes, flying through the air for commercial promotional purposes.  Their Man of Steel R/C plane, which can reach speeds of up to 30 MPH via a built in fan in its chest (we won’t mention where the exhaust port is), will set you back $7,600.  An Iron Man version is also available.

Check out the photo montage below.


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