Man erects 12-foot-tall bronze middle-finger statue shooting the bird at ex-wife’s home

// November 18th, 2013 // Entertainment


12-foot bronze middle finger status facing ex-wife's home

You gotta figure strip club owners are a bit weird but who would have thought they were vindictive – and creative to boot! Alan Markovitz, who owns a series of strip clubs in Detroit, recently purchased the house next door to his ex-wife after a realtor coincidentally showed him the home located less than 20 feet from Leaa Tuohy’s abode. He purchased the home and then spent $7,000 erecting this 12-foot-tall bronze statue of an extended middle finger that he placed facing his ex-wife’s house. His daughter took the picture below and posted it on Twitter.


According to The Mirror, Markovitz says “the middle finger salute isn’t aimed at her, but at her new partner – with whom she started an affair while she and Markovitz were still married.”

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