Two-ton Mantis hexapod robot machine powered by 2.2L diesel engine

// April 1st, 2013 // Robotics



Mantis - two-ton diesel-powered hexapod robot machine

Meet the Mantis, a two-ton all-terrain hexapod built by Matt Denton of Micromagic Systems.  Looking like something out of a Sci-Fi horror movie, the robotic machine is powered by a Perkins 2.2L Turbo Diesel engine and can be operated with onboard controls or via a remote Wi-Fi controller.  It’s onboard controller is a Linux-based PC running HexEngine.  Undoubtedly it’s a bumpy ride but imagine the screaming, fleeing women and children as you cruised down the street in it!

You can check out the Mantis in the video below or visit the Mantis Robot official website here.


Mantis two-ton diesel powered hexapod robot
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