Anonymous breaks into hundreds of Israeli government websites. Israeli counterstrikes, replaces hacks with Israeli national anthem

// April 8th, 2013 // Hacking and Security


Anonymous breaks into Israeli webiste in Op-Israel campaign

We’re not sure why Anonymous chose Holocaust Memorial Day as the date to take down several Israeli websites on Sunday nor why they so grossly exaggerated their claims of how many sites were impacted by the attack (they claim the hacks affected 100,000 websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5,000 Twitter accounts, and 30,000 bank accounts), but we do know that in retaliation, the savvy Israeli cybergeeks decided “turn the other cheek” was not an appropriate response.  In return for the hack, savvy Israeli cyberforces broke into the website that Anonymous had set up for the attack, which they dubbed Operation Israel, and replaced the original anti-Israel messages with code to play the song “Hatikvah,” Israel’s national anthem.

According to Yitzhak Ben Yisrael from the government’s National Cyber Bureau:

“Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure.”

Whoa.  Game on!

This is the second time that Anonymous has successfully taken down Israeli government websites (usually in a bid to protest Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians). The original #OpIsrael attack happened last November and affected some 600 sites and resulted in the hackers released personal information for thousands of high-ranking officials.

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