Syrian Electronic Army declares war on U.S. – hijacks President Obama’s Twitter and Facebook feeds

// October 28th, 2013 // Hacking and Security


President Barrack Obama Twitter attack via Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is back in the news today, this time after tweets from the @BarrackObama Twitter account and posts to the President’s Facebook fan page contained links to SEA YouTube content. At this time it is not believed that the President’s Twitter nor Facebook page was hacked but rather SEA has gained access to the backend third-party (i.e. customized) link shortener allowing them to redirect the U.S. Organizing for Action links to SEA links.  How the link shortener functions and where it is hosted is not known at this time.

As of the time of this writing, the President seems to be back in control of the URL tool since SEA links have stopped working. Regardless, the @BarrackObama Twitter handle has been temporarily suspended.

So when is the President going to give in and recruit American citizen hackers (of which we know there are plenty of skilled hands idling about) to counter these groups…

Sources: CNN: Huffington Post
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