Reddit’s r/technology downgraded after bizarre censorship practices discovered

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The popular geek subreddit r/technology has been caught censoring posts in what forum moderators are calling “a disaster” for the board. Reddit today removed the “default subreddit” status from r/technology meaning it has lost its “preferred” standing, a status only afforded to two dozen Reddit communities. The move was made after Reddit admins found r/technology…

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Shocking video – alligator vs. electric eel. Guess who wins?

shocking video alligator vs elec

The electric eel, native to the fresh waters of the Amazon and Orinoco River basins in South America, is capable of generating up to 600 volts which it uses for hunting and, you guessed it, self-defense. They grow to a lengthy 7 foot and can weigh as much as 45 lbs. which means they could…

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Real-time global security attacks shown while they happen

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Kaspersky Labs recently launched this beautiful interactive global map that shows online threats around the world as they happen. Data used to drive the map comes from Kaspersky’s malware monitoring software. The different colored lines represent various attack vectors that are being detected through their software. For instance, pink lines represent an IDS scan while…

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