Does anyone remember Barrett Brown?

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I’ve written about Mr. Brown several times before. Barrett Brown is the guy that the government tagged as the “voice of Anonymous”, the young man that suffered a tragedy of injustice from charges that most feel were laughable at best and fragrantly unjust and illegal at worst. Lest we forget (and history repeat itself), let’s…

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Cool food – part 2

Indian head food art

Although we cannot confirm that their presentation make them taste any better, here is part 2 of cool art made out of food.

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Testimony reveals how FBI determined Ross ulbricht was owner of Silk Road

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As Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts) heads to trial, prosecutor case filings reveal how the FBI determined Silk Road’s server location – and according to prosecutors, they didn’t have to break tor to find it. According to the FBI, Silk Road’s login page leaked the servers IP address through a misconfigured anti-abuse…

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